Madison, WI

Organizational Coaching

Find Your Starting Point

Organizations often get stuck when it comes to addressing a new client population, delivering on grant requirements or making decisions that align core values to programs and processes. ECE Partners, LLC can be your thought partner to offer support and a fresh perspective. In one-on-one or small group sessions, we will bring an objective and compassionate perspective to understanding your latest initiative. We will help you create a plan with a tangible starting point and a roadmap that pinpoints goals and key milestones. Finally, we will assess how to evaluate your results throughout the process so that you feel confident in your progress and outcomes.


We will review your latest grant proposal or new initiative to help focus your message, structure your goals, and evaluate your progress.


We will partner with you to assess strategies to improve ongoing initiatives.


We will promote action and progress by organizing checkpoints to support your goals.


We will develop an evaluative framework for your programs that will help you assess whether you are reaching your goals.